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Richard Godfrey

Richard Godfrey in Relaxed Mode in Living Room at Home at the Weekend

Managing Director, Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited

Located in Sydney, Australia

Profile of Richard Godfrey and his Background and General Life Experience

What has now become Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited originally commenced in July 1992, with Richard Godfrey having now accumulated over 29 years experience in its fields outlined below.

After restructuring this business in order to keep it “up with the times” Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited, offers products and services through its subsidiaries. By clicking on the direct links for these, you will have direct access to more information on these products and services, which will open in a new window:

Caecilian Bookkeeping Services offers Computerised Bookkeeping for businesses and individuals. This is the main income producer for the company and it is the intention, hopefully in the not too distant future, to extend this product line to provide full taxation accounting services, which would be in line with the “one stop shop” product combinations, which Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited is trying to achieve. More information will be provided regarding that development, once it is available. As a further means of preparing for this transition, Richard has, from 2014, completed casual tax season work (July thru October) in 2014 with H & R Block Tax Accountants. Additionally, for the 2016 tax season, he has completed casual work with Advantage Tax Consultants, which was right through from the beginning of July 2016 to the end of October 2016, including the shared managing of their Wentworthville NSW sub branch. The name “Caecilian Bookkeeping Services” will change, once tax agent registration is complete, to reflect the new development. Associate memberships of both the “Institute of Public Accountants” and the “Institute of Financial Accountants” have been obtained in line with this new development.

Caecilian Music Services is now offering products in the area of Music Typesetting and Arranging services. Special services with the music products offered also include the abilily to provide a translation service into English of foreign language lyrics where required. In house, German, French and Latin translations are offered, however connections exist to provide translations into English from other languages. Caecilian Music Services is also accredited with “The Music Arranger’s Guild of Australia”.

Caecilian Web Services offers Web Site Design and Maintenance.

Caecilian Design Services offers Graphic Design including business cards, brochures, flyers etc. Caecilian Design Services also handle other sundry matters, such as database maintenance, spreadsheet creation and maintenance and also such matters as computer software installation and software related problems on PCs.

Overall, Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited aims to offer a broad range of computer product assistance - the different products work “in harmony with each other”, which is where the name Caecilian originated. St Caecilia was the patron saint of music (and also the blind), in line with Richard Godfrey's principal interests in music as well as other computing areas. For more information about St Caecilia, please click here .

In the course of running Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited , Richard Godfrey has been highly recommended and three references are outlined below, emphasising the quality of his work.

Reference 1

“I have known Richard for over 10 years and found him to be reliable and very resourceful when trying to find the best solution for a customer. He works with the customer to provide what the customer wants and any fine-tuning of final products is always handled with no problem. He has an eye for detail and wants to produce the best product possible.”

Nick Southcombe, General Manager, Frontier Software

Reference 2

“Richard has been a service provider for music scores for public performance and I have always found his work to be of an exceptional high quality, considerate, and always completed on time or even before time. As far as I can ascertain, he always works to the highest professional standards of the music and artistic profession. Many have commented on his excellent workmanship.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Paul Paviour, Freelance Musicologist and has been Director of Music at St Saviour’s Anglican Cathedral, Goulburn NSW, Australia

(Hired Richard as a Writer/Editor in 1997, and has hired Richard on a number of occasions since, as the need has arisen)

Reference 3

“I hereby confirm Richard Godfrey of Caecilian Enterprise Pty Limited provides bookkeeping services for Saaslink Pty Ltd. Richard is consistently reliable and thorough with his work. I am happy to recommend him to anyone requiring bookkeeping services in the state of NSW.”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value

Bernard Tai, Founder, Saaslink and independant Systems and Integration Consultant

Richard Godfrey has had previous experience in Mainframe Computer Programming and Underwriting within the insurance industry and also has other finance industry experience.

Qualifications include:

Institute of Public Accountants, Australia

Associate of the Institute of Public Accountants 2016

Institute of Financial Accountants, UK (affiliated with Institute of Public Accountants, Australia)

Associate of the Institute of Financial Accountants 2016

New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, Australia

Advanced Diploma of Accounting 2015

H & R Block Tax Accountants, Casula NSW, Australia

Income Tax Preparation Course 2014

Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, Queensland

Diploma of Information Technology (Website Development) Computer Web Design 2006

Metropolitan Business College, Burwood, NSW, Australia

Diploma in Business Computing 1988

Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

Fellow, Insurance, Completed in 1988 after completing the Associate qualification 10 years earlier

Private Music Tuition - taught by Pearl Berridge and Russell Cooper

Singing, 1984 - 1992.

(This music education was preceded by studies in voice with other teachers as well as piano, organ and theory studies).

Richard Godfrey’s Interests:

Promotion of music, trained operatic bass singer, also plays piano and organ - has sung with various groups - also music composer.

Additionally keeps up with trends in technology and new developments with computer software.

Enjoys travel, general relaxation and family activities

Groups and Associations Links:

Institute of Public Accountants

Institute of Financial Accountants

Music Arrangers’ Guild of Australia

Social Media Links: